Waterproofing Services in Strathfield

Hiring professional Waterproofing services in Strathfield is easy!

Your search for professional waterproofing services ends here. JK Waterproofing Solutions brings to you a unique range of solutions for any kinds of water leak issues in Strathfield. To protect your home from the harsh climatic conditions, you need to have a reliable waterproofing system installed.

Problems in the basement waterproofing system are common. The solution starts with identifying the type of existing basement structure. The different structures may include non-waterproof masonry, a drained cavity or integrally waterproof structures. Each type of structure will require a unique solution and we can provide solutions for all types of structures.

Every waterproofing system requires a rigid framework to run smoothly. As you can see it is a complicated matter and demands expertise. Our ample years of experience have made us the most preferred brand when it comes to delivering a reliable waterproofing system.

How do we link the waterproofing and structure?

We work with two unique approaches; Tanking System and the setup of a drained cavity membrane.

  • In the tanking system, we use bitumen paint, cemeticous membrane, etc with waterproof additives to create slurry coatings.
  • At this point, we understand that every basement has a different capacity to withstand water pressure. Therefore, we adjust the pressure level accordingly.
  • A slight flexing of the floor poses a great threat. This may lead to cracks. However, we maintain precaution and exhibit extra care in our moves.

The strength of the substrate is directly proportional to the tensile strength of the system. JK Waterproofing Solutions is known for its use of high-quality material for the same.

What makes us the best?

Have a look at the highlights that makes us a top waterproofing company in Strathfield.

  • We have access to all modern tools and equipment.
  • Our team of engineers are trained and certified.
  • We cater to every service for all kinds of existing basement structures.
  • Our rates are very reasonable.

Call us today for a detailed inspection of your property and stay safe from water-logging.

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