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Are you looking for an affordable waterproofing contractor in Sydney? Well, your search ends here.

JK Waterproofing is a company built on experience. We are a well-established waterproofing company located in West Sydney providing quality waterproofing systems and damp-proofing solutions. All our contractors are qualified, licensed and insured and have a great understanding of waterproofing to ensure all jobs are completed in a professional manner, on time and on budget.

We take immense pride in the quality of work and the services we provide. We ensure that we pay attention to each and every detail for the utmost customer satisfaction. With our years of hands on experience and knowledge, and the latest equipment we use, you can be assured of our services to be on time and within budget providing great results.

Professional Waterproofing in Sydney

JK Waterproofing provides you specialised expert waterproofing solutions in Australia. We are popular for our attention to detail and constant endeavour to offer excellent waterproofing solutions that comply with all Australian quality standards. Our team of expert waterproofing professionals is highly skilled and has great knowledge of different waterproofing methods. We offer you modern and integrated waterproofing that ensures long-term benefits and longevity too 

At JK Waterproofing, we give utmost attention to the quality of our services. Our team of expert waterproofing contractors in Sydney exerts themselves to provide edge apart modern waterproofing solutions. We are one of the leading waterproofing contractors and waterproof design specialists. We offer an array of waterproofing services for all types of structures and construction.

The Waterproofing Specialists

JK Waterproofing is a class apart from other waterproofing companies in Sydney. We understand that waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of any structure and must always be given considerable attention. We create a sturdy structure that resists surface penetration and water pressure. Our waterproofing solutions are a creative combination of our professional expertise and technological superiority. We give utmost emphasis on structural waterproofing and providing optimum waterproofing treatments that assure optimum protection from moisture and leakage.

Expert Waterproofing Services in Sydney

JK Waterproofing is a specialist in the field of waterproofing. We are one of the finest waterproofing contractors in Sydney. Our services include bathroom waterproofing, torch on membranes, roof waterproofing, concrete crack injections, balcony waterproofing, and much more. We also provide damp waterproofing wherein our focus is to obstruct moisture invasion and protect your premises from moisture dampness. 

At JK Waterproofing, we give utmost importance to the quality of materials and techniques that we employ for waterproofing treatments. We make sure to use contemporary waterproofing methods to achieve perfection in every project that we do. 

External and internal Waterproofing in Sydney

JK Waterproofing aims at offering its patrons expert waterproofing services in Sydney. Our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned in inspecting your premises and finding the source of leakage. Once, the source is found we make sure to seal the same with an optimum combination of waterproofing treatments and products. We strive to offer cost-effective, timely, accurate, precise, affordable, and non-destructive waterproofing solutions that shield your structure from moisture invasion and water leakage.

Efficient and Quick waterproofing services in Sydney:

JK Waterproofing Solutions is one of the best waterproofing companies in Sydney. We take pride in our services which are provided by our experts. Our waterproofing contractors in Sydney are specially trained, qualified, licensed, experienced and insured. JK Waterproofing Solutions is a company that has experience in delivering quality waterproofing services in Sydney with focus given to every single detail. Our main motive is to satisfy our customers and give them the peace of mind that their waterproofing projects are in safe hands!


Do you have experience with waterproofing in Sydney?

JK Waterproofing is one of the finest waterproofing companies in Sydney. We have experience of over one decade in providing efficient waterproofing solutions. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and has immense knowledge of waterproofing.

Are your contractors reachable in all area of Sydney for waterproofing?

The availability of our waterproofing contractors in Sydney is subject to change based on the nature of work and the volatile market. You can connect with us over the phone to confirm the availability of our contractors in your area.

Do you deal with all kinds of waterproofing projects?

Yes, JK Waterproofing is one of the finest waterproofing companies in Sydney. We offer you an array of waterproofing services in Sydney and allied areas. We deal in all types of waterproofing projects right from roof proofing, torch-on membranes to bathroom waterproofing.

How do I select the best waterproofing method for my project?

Our team of expert waterproofing contractors in Sydney will help you choose the best waterproofing method based on your structure and waterproofing requirements.

How long will my waterproofing last? 

Our waterproofing services in Sydney offer long-term peace of mind. Once done optimally the waterproofing is expected to last for ten years without any recurring repair or maintenance. JK Waterproofing is one of the finest waterproofing contractors in Sydney. We offer an array of waterproofing services across Australia.


No Job is too large or too small for JK Waterproofing solutions.

We have a range of commercial and residential owners who use our services to complete their respective work.

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JK Waterproofing are among the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work.


All jobs are completed by a fully qualified Waterproofer and comply with the waterproofing standard AS 3740. We are also covered up to 20 million dollars public liability.


We come to you - no job is too large or too small.