Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing membranes for long-lasting bathrooms:

JK Waterproofing Solutions is a prestigious and renowned company that provides smart waterproofing membranes applications that are tough, and feature triple protective layers. JK waterproofing Solutions bathroom membranes are resistant to water,alkali, chemicals, rust, and feature resistant sealing laminated film. They are specially designed to take care of your bathroom and give it a long life.

Why choose JK Waterproofing Solutions bathroom membranes?

JK Waterproofing Solutions has earned a name for itself with providing top quality bathroom waterproofing membranes and services. Here are the reasons as to why you should choose them.

Superior Powered Technology:

JK Waterproofing Solutions bathroom membranes come with superior technology that has high tensile strength. It is combined with the power of 2-layer protection and more if required which includes triple polypropylene layers.

Impervious Membrane:

JK Waterproofing Solutions provides application of bathroom membranes that are water impervious. It is resistant to water and prevents it from soaking into the walls. This keeps your bathroom fresh, free of wall dampness, and the growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface over time.

Excellent Adhesion:

When JK Waterproofing Solutions applies waterproofing bathroom membrane, you don’t need to worry about breakage, cracks, and crevices. The waterproofing membrane exhibits high tensile bond strength that works well with tile adhesives.


Get JK Waterproofing Solutions to apply the right membrane for your bathroom as they are tough, extremely durable and resistant to alkali and other chemical solutions.


JK waterproofing Solutions supplies bathroom membranes that are highly recommended for its tear resistance surface. It features a special vapour retarder that enables it to be applied directly to the bathroom tiles and mortar surfaces.

Use On All Bathroom Surfaces:

Our bathroom waterproofing membranes are suitable for use on wet areas from a bathroom tiles surfaces, shower, and steam room. It is ideal for use on bathroom floors, walls and corners.

Water Resistance:

JK waterproofing Solutions bathroom membranes application system are in high demand as it eliminates chances of damage caused as a result of water and dampness. This keeps the surfaces clean of mould and mildew. When compared to other bathroom membranes in the market, the membranes that we provide are not only stronger but also significantly thinner.


How do you apply membrane waterproofing?

The bathroom waterproofing membrane is very easy to install. The membrane is either brushed or sprayed on the surface to waterproof the surface. JK Waterproofing Solutions are one of the leaders in this industry. We use the right combination of techniques and quality products to achieve the desired results.

Do you need a waterproof bathroom floor?

Yes, the bathroom is one of the most important places in a house. It is more prone to moisture and wetting, and its horizontal surfaces particularly are subject to this kind of damage. Therefore, bathroom waterproofing is of crucial importance. Using a good quality bathroom waterproofing membrane can help you waterproof your bathroom with utmost efficacy.

How do I protect my bathroom walls from water?

Bathroom waterproofing membranes keep the moisture away. Hence applying a bathroom waterproofing membrane can help you protect your bathroom walls from water, mould and potential structural damage.

What is a waterproofing membrane?

A bathroom waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of material that is watertight in nature. This layer is applied on the surface to waterproof the underlying material and prevent leakages. The layer ensures water does not pass through it and makes the surface waterproof.

What is the best membrane for waterproofing?

JK Waterproofing Solutions offers the best membranes in Australia. Our bathroom waterproofing membranes are made from the finest quality material and ensure ultimate proofing.

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