Torch On Membranes

Torch On Waterproofing at Best Prices

Hire torch-on waterproofing services at reasonable prices:

Not successful in your search for torch-on waterproofing services at reasonable prices? Well, JK Waterproofing Solutions company provides torch on waterproofing services at an affordable rate. Torch-on waterproofing can be beneficial for your property and protect it against the Australian climate.

JK Waterproofing Solutions torch-on membrane system is a unique and innovative waterproofing product on the Australian market. We have been providing torch on waterproofing premium services for several years.

Why select us for torch-on waterproofing services?

Compatible With Your Home:

JK Waterproofing solutions apply torch-on waterproofing membranes are suitable for use on decks, flat surfaces of your home, roof, balcony and even underground spaces.


Hire JK Waterproofing Solutions company to provide torch-on waterproofing at reasonable prices and benefit from its long-lasting effects. We use a special sticky viscous organic liquid. It is rich in hydrocarbon components obtained from crude oil. Our torch-on waterproofing services are environment-friendly and non-harmful.


JK Waterproofing Solutions torch-on membrane service creates a surface that is water resistant and highly effective against water. In addition to this, it comes with special qualities that makes them in high demand in the Australian market. Not only this, we are considered as the most trustworthy and reliable torch-on waterproofing service providers in delivering top quality results.

Commercial and Domestic Waterproofing:

Our torch-on waterproofing product is suitable for use in both domestic waterproofing projects and commercial waterproofing ones.

What are the different types of torch-on waterproofing membranes that you provide?

We at JK Waterproofing Solutions provide solutions for all your torch on waterproofing needs. For this our services fall under two types of torch-on waterproofing membranes:

  • APP Torch-On Waterproofing:

Our APP torch on waterproofing comprises of atactic polypropylene plastic asphalt. It is capable of producing immediate effects upon heating with a torch. It melts quickly and is commonly provided by us in an around Australia.

  • SBS Torch-On Waterproofing:

JK Waterproofing Solutions company also provides styrene butadiene styrene torch-on waterproofing that does not melt quickly upon being torched. It is suitable for use on wall flashing and other similar surfaces.


How do you waterproof a torch?

A small torch with its screws tight can be used underwater. However, it is essential that the lid of the torch is tightened, so that water does not pass into it.

What is the torch applied waterproofing membrane?

The torch on waterproofing is also called bituminous waterproofing. It involves polymer membranes which are used to waterproof structures and slabs. The torch on waterproofing prices at JK Waterproofing are minimal.

How do I use bituminous waterproofing?

It is very easy to use bituminous waterproofing. All you need to do is just unfold the sheet at the site and paste the sheet with tar-based adhesives and blowtorches. The torch on waterproofing prices may vary depending upon the area of your room and its condition.

What goes under torch down roofing?

A mix of material, including polyester, fibreglass and some small granules, are used to fabricate a torch-on membrane.

What is the best material for flat roofs?

Torch on membrane is the best material for waterproofing. They are very easy to install and have a long shelf life. The Torch on waterproofing membrane prices at JK Waterproofing Solutions are reasonably price to easily provide the best benefits to our patrons.

How much does a torch on a roof cost?

The torch on waterproofing membrane prices varies depending upon where it needs to be installed, the length and width of the surface, condition of the surface and much more. You can get in touch with our customer care team to get a tentative quote for torch-on membrane waterproofing.

Is torch down roofing good?

Yes, the results of torch on waterproofing are incredible. Once installed properly this waterproofing is sure to last for years and years. So now you can enjoy great peace of mind with cost-effective and expert torch-on waterproofing membranes.

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